About Us

The present socio-economic condition calls for an effectual way to find sources of employment or an agency to provide jobs to augment an insufficient income, an avenue to hook-up to what’s going on in the community, an open line to stay connected with friends and associates, and various means to carry out business to business opportunity.

TheFILIPINOHELP.COM just came so timely and, undoubtedly, the ideal answer for everyone’s employment, communication, community service, business, partnership, and social needs.

TheFILIPINOHELP.COM is especially conceptualized, meticulously designed, and specifically constructed to suit everyone’s need for better life subsistence. It is designed purposely to help our Kababayans in the USA in finding relief to their everyday necessity be it jobs, services, housing and apartment rentals, social interaction, legal matters, media and communication, buying and selling, and organizational connections.

This website serves as a home-based tool to assist our Kababayans stay connected, land a job, get help from lingering predicaments, facilitate remedial measures, and be abreast of the current Filipino-American community affairs.

Be informed! Step into the scene! Get helped! Visit TheFILIPINOHELP.COM!

Oscar A. Fernando
549 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ  07306